Grandiose Self. On Another Psychoanalytic Aspect of the Novel Tito Dorčić Written by Vjenceslav Novak

Dejan Durić; Filozofski fakultet Rijeka
The issue of desire of the Other and jouissance Other, that were designed in the paper Desire of the Other and jouissance Other. A psychoanalitic aspect of the novel Tito Dorčić written by Vjenceslav Novak, is a complex issue of narcissism and narcissistic self, which will be discussed in this paper in the context of Kohut's self psychology and his settings on the grandiose self and idealized parental figure. The formation of the self begins through the subject's pre-Oedipal and Oedipal relations with the people he/she was in the most direct interaction, which means the father and the mother, and in our case, especially his father because the mother is reduced to a passive and muted feminine principle. Therefore, the relationship of family Dorčić against their class and other classes as well as their position in the social movement and dynamism have a direct impact on the principles of education; and a problem of narcissism is closely associated with the family and social interaction.
Key words
narcissism; family; grandiose self; the objects of the self; the idealized parental image; realism
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