The Biographies of Roman Emperors by Kožičić. Faithfulness to the Source and Originality in Translating

Tomislav Mrkonjić; Vatikanski tajni arhiv, Vatikan
The question relating to the dependence on the source, namely, the matter concerning the originality of the translation of Kožičić’s Biographies (Knjižice od žitija rimskih arhijerejov i cesarov, Rijeka, 1531) was resolved only partially by Günther Tutschke for the reason that he didn’t know the source of the Biographies of the Roman emperors. Since the author of this article has ascertained that the biographical source on the emperors was the work of Giovanni Battista Cipelli (Egnatius), De Caesaribus libri tres, in this article he wishes to present the context in which the translations were produced, compare the structure of the source with the translation, juxtapose the texts known as “Excursus” (De Parthorum et Persarum imperio, Romae captivitas, Maomethis ortus, De origine Turcarum) as well as compare individual biographies. The conclusion is that Kožičić demonstrated a certain level of originality in his translations regarding the structure, the selection and elaboration of the “Excursus”, and in converting particular terminology. In many instances he integrated the biographies with the information regarding the local history, especially concerning Croats and southern Slavs.
Key words
Giovanni Battista Cipelli (Egnatius); Šimun Kožičić Benja; books printed in Glagolitic script; Glagolitic script; Roman emperors; Roman Popes
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