The Kajkavian Dialect in Fran Galović’s Works

Jela Maresić, Zavod za lingvistička istraživanja HAZU, Zagreb; Bojana Schubert, Zavod za lingvistička istraživanja HAZU, Zagreb
The Paper analyzes the Kajkavian dialect in Fran Galović’s literary works: the unfinished Kajkavian collection of poems Z mojih bregov (1914), the unfinished novel Rastanak (1914), and the unfinished play Sodoma (1911). In these works the author uses, in various ways, the urban Zagrebian Kajkavian dialect and the local Kajkavian dialect of Peteranec. The paper also includes an overview of the general literary tendencies of the literary movement in which Galović took part and which is called ‘Moderna’. The authors also deal with some of the most important editions of Galović’s works, and they base their linguistic analysis on the manuscripts that are kept in the National and University library in Zagreb.
Key words
Fran Galović; urban Zagrebian Kajkavian dialect; local Kajkavian dialect of Peteranec
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