A Contibution to the Contrastive Analysis of English and Croatian Terminology Containing Part of Body

Ivana Špiranec; Tehničko veleučilište, Zagreb
The article deals with the demetaphorization of English and Croatian terminology containing part of body. The aim of contrastive analysis was to investigate in/ congruences between English and Croatian terminology containing part of body on semantic and lexical level. The meanings of English and Croatian terms containing part of body were compared in order to reveal semantic in/congruences. English and Croatian equivalents were contrasted in order to detect lexical in/congruences. Research results have shown that the process of de/metaphorization has affected English and Croatian terminology containing part of body in a different way. Thus, different types of incongruences on semantic and lexical level are established between them. Lexical incogruences are largely due to syntactic differences between English and Croatian language. Research results have proveen that the demetaphorization of terminology containing part of body is one aspect shared by both- general language and specialized discourse. That is a proof that terminology is an integral part of general language, and that it exhibits similar features.
Key words
part of body; terminology; demetaphorization; contrastive analysis; English language; Croatian language
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