Interdiscursive Fugue in Daša Drndić’s Novel Leica Format

Anera Ryznar, Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb
The paper discusses Daša Drndić’s novel Leica format from the perspective of discourse stylistics by analyzing the way interdiscursivity manifests itself on the stylistic level of the novel, laying bare the interdiscursive sutures and thus making them the interpretative stronghold of the novel. The basic interdicursive figure in the novel is fugue which implies complexity, polyphony and interdicursive structure of the text and at the same time raises the questions of remembrance and oblivion, formation and transfer of knowledge and its coding in language and discourse. The analysis shows how Daša Drndić’ novel maps individual and collective history by combining and collaging different types of texts, genres and discourses and how the stylistics procedures on the graphical level of the novel extend into the sphere of its semantics.
Key words
interdiscursivity; fugue; autobiographical subject; discourse of the city; montage; prosopopeia; Daša Drndić
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