The Painter Figures in Krleža’s Novel the Return of Philip Latinovicz and Fabrio’s Novel Triemeron: Artists’ Relationship to Historical and National

Dijana Mikšić; Zagreb
This paper focuses on the painter figure in the Krleža’s novel The Return of Philip Latinovicz (1932) and Fabrio’s novel Triemeron (2002). The aim is to explore how these two novels, Krleža’s modernist and Fabrio’s postmodernist, thematize the relationship of artistic subject to historical and national issue trough painter characters of Philip and Alfred. The paper has a two-part structure: the first part strives to illuminate Krleža’s painter Philip and his attempt to return to the historical base, and the second is focused on Fabrio’s painter Alfred and his attempt to escape from history. The conclusion is presented in the form of a comparative synthesis of the presented issue.
Key words
Miroslav Krleža; Nedjeljko Fabrio; novel; the artist; history; national identity; modernist/postmodernist visions
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