Graphemic Solutions in Pre-Revival Editions of the Karletzky Printing House in Rijeka

Sanja Holjevac; Zavod za povijesne i društvene znanosti HAZU, Rijeka
The focus of this paper is script features of Pre-Revival editions in the Croatian language of the Karletzky printing house in Rijeka from 1779 to 1831. The emphasis is on phonemes that represented a problem in systematization of Croatian Latin script and that were written in various ways until the Gaj script reform. The conducted research showed that Slavonic pre-Revival script was applied in one part of the corpus and Dalmatian in the other, with some specificities. This fact confirms the involvement of Rijeka printing production with the development and homogenization of Croatian Latin script before the Gaj reform during the Revival period.
Key words
the Croatian language; Croatian Latin script; Karletzky printing house; Rijeka
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