Broz's Competency of Slavic and Croatian Linguistic Heritage

Stjepan Damjanović
The Croatian philologist Ivan Broz (1852-1893) is known merely of his Croatian Orthography (Hrvatski pravopis), although during his short life he achieved other relevant works, too. In this paper author focuses on Broz's schoolbook for Old Church Slavonic named Oblici jezika staroga slovenskoga that came out first in 1889, and further on was published in six issues- which means that during several decades Croatian pupils learned from it grammatics for Old Church Slavonic and the basis of the history of Croatian language. A short work named Mali azbukvar za pravilno i jednolično čitanje glagoljice u novih crkvenih knjigah po hrvatskoj recenziji (Rome, 1894.) is also mentioned in the paper. It was printed by the well-known linguist and glagolitic priest Antun Dragutin Parčić who is usually also held as its author - however the book was written by Ivan Broz. Both of the mentioned works show a great competency of Broz to the history of Slavic and Croatian language.
Key words
Old Church Slavonic; Old Croatian Language; history of Slavistic; Ivan Broz
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