Discourse of Photography in Dubravka Ugrešić's Novel

Aleksandar Mijatović
The focus of this paper is discourse of photography and the relationship between discoursive and figurative registers in natural language. Connection between two register is metaphor. Limits of dicourse of photography is the language of photografy and photographic language. The notion of the discourse of photography developed in this paper is not just lexical and linguistic fact usually considered as the subject matter of stylistics. Nor it is the question of translation of visual categories in verbal. Discours of photography is the subject matter of new discipline named discoursive stylistics. Representation is of course semantically pregnant notion, but in this paper we are specially concerned with telling aspects of representation and with its showing aspects. Discourse of photography developes picture model of refering and introduces visual regime in language. In that way telling aspects of representation are affected by its showing aspects. The consequence of such turn is displacement of unspeakable in the field of visible. Actually, whole system of discoursive constraints becomes visible. Picture as something that looking back to us becomes the place of panoptic surveillance of the field of signifier: the voice and the gaze meet each other in writing. We try to justify such ambiguous notion of representation by applying it on borderline phenomena such as exile, nation, memory and identity.
Key words
discourse of photography; language of photography; representation/signification; metaphor; nation; exile; memory
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