Rhetoric Strategies of the Feminist Discourse

Nirman Moranjak-Bamburać
Intention of this essay is to develop a possible scenario of tropological masquerade – a signifier of monopolization of exclusion sphere in feministic which intensify a field of excluded one (J. Butler) through effects of «turn» figure and by disseminating its own reserve of distinctions and corrections, ratifying in that way a «weak» position (for example, by becoming academic). Having De Certeau's distinction between strategy and tactics in mind, the contrary is pointed out: a fissure of tactical logic which crosses a threshold of survival and consummation (at some uncertain point) and produces a surplus - physiologized scene of «will to power». Moves made with purpose of tactics (like collages of propagandized and/or questionable theoretical ambitions) always point out towards theatric performance of self-constitution and, with «radical practice of quoting the norm» (Butler), a self-created subject, although recognizing its dependance of productive coupling power/knowledge, secretly hopes to obtain strategic advantages – to obtain something of it's own, say «a signature in context».
Key words
feminism; discourse; rhetoric strategy; apory; power/knowledge; performativity quotation; tropological turn
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