Croatian-Slovenian Literary Relations in the Period of Moderna

Danijela Marot
The paper gives a short overview of literary and cultural relations between Croatia and Slovenia in period between the Middle Ages and the end of the 19th century. Social and political circumstances in Croatian and Slovenian society from the beginning of the 20th century are compared, as well as cultural circumstances of literary period called „moderna“ in both cultures. Relation of Croatian and Slovenian literature and culture towards their (dominant) neighbour cultures are observed. Relations between Croatian and Slovenian moderna are explored based on examples from the poetry of Croatian poet Dragutin Domjanić and Slovenian poet Dragotin Kette.
Key words
Croatian literature; Slovenian literature; moderna; hegemonic culture; marginalised culture; border culture; social and political circumstances; literary and cultural relations; Dragutin Domjanić; Dragotin Kette
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