Bašćanska Ploča in the Literary and the Visual-Art of Intertextuality of the Croatian Postmodern Period

Dina Marković
In the article the author is comparatively considering, proving and pointing out factors of intertextuality in intermediality of the Croatian postmodern period, that is, the intertextual transfer of ‘Bašćanska ploča’ in the postmodern literary text Earth & I by J.Pupačić and also in the visual-art text – monotype Hommage a Bašćanska ploča, by Lj.Njerš. The author reveals that both authors have, at the symbolic times, Pupačić in 1967, and Lj.Njerš in 1991, purposefully crossed 900 year old leap between borders of worlds, so that they could intertextually return to tradition of old Croatian historical reality – against the ahistorical tradition of postmodern. The breakthrough source of Croatian heritage, the old Croatian language on the royal Zvonimir’s Bašćanska ploča, is a precious part of the universal European and world civilization, priceless political, linguistic and cultural transfer and connection of intertextuality for therapy of Croatian reality: 1. which reveals itself in Pupačić’s text connected to Declaration of name and status of Croatian language and 2. with Njerš’s monotype as an appeal for saving threatened Croatian cultural heritage in the first postmodern war in Croatia.
Key words
intertextuality; intermediality; Bašćanska ploča; postmodern literary text
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