Identification and Word-Formation of Euphemisms in Croatian Language

Branko Kuna

Different segments within the words or the whole expressions can be euphemistically loaded in communication. Euphemistic meaning is not an inherent characteristic of a word but a result of the interaction of the context factors. Euphemisation as a speech strategy is related to secret languages, slang and vulgarisms. Words and expressions with euphemistic meaning are always connected with a man and therefore is such a lexis explicitly anthropocentric. In Croatian language semantic and lexic means dominate in the strategies of euphemisation and the most common are metaphor, metonymic nomination and loanwords. Euphemisation is a source and one of the generators of the language synonymy considering that euphemistic meaning of many expressions fade aways with time and become a part of a passive zone so there is a constant need for forming new euphemisms.

Key words
euphemisms; socially accepted expressions; speech strategies; metaphor; synonymy
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