Dramatological and Theatrological Aspects in Liturgical and Semi-Liturgical Manuscripts From the Written Legacy of the Milazzies

Aljoša Pužar, Adriana Car-Mihec
aljosa.puzar@gmail.com; car@ffri.hr
This paper brings an overall description and analysis of religious manuscripts found among books and papers of late Niko Milačić (Milazzi) (1882-1965), professor of royal and imperial grammar-school in Sušak, i.e. of manuscript Officium Tenebrarum (collection of required church-readings and psalms for the specific liturgy of the Holy week, transcribed in 1824. by the parish priest Ivan Marinci in Lukovo near Senj), and of the older anonymous collection of verses intended for popular or fraternity-related religious practices of the Holy week and of Corpus Christi - probably from Baška on the island of Krk. Manuscripts don’t bring any dramatic text, but they enable, due to several formal and structural characteristics, a dramatological and theatrological interpretation. This implies the broader possibilities both in exegesis and in contextualisation of liturgical and semi-liturgical non-dramatic texts, used either in basic ritual or in semi-liturgical or laymen’s religious practice.
Key words
manuscripts; liturgy; Holy week; dramatology; theatrology
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