The Leaflet as a Form of Learned and Popular Literature in Rijeka

Irvin Lukežić
In the beginning of discussion the word is about significance of leaflet as a printed publication which, owing to its popularity, to originate in special genre of popular literature in Rijeka. The popular leaflet, as early form of newspaper, was a part of wide-spread reading matter very favourited in all city classes. Considering that Italian was the main language of commercial and public life, the most of leaflets in Rijeka during XIX century has been published in that language. In the same time, there were printed occasional fly-sheets in Latin, Croatian and German. The development of that popular genre of urban communication starts from the beginning of the XIX century. On January 1 1846, in the journal Eco del Litorale ungarico, were separately publicated ten leaflets with occasional Italian verses as New Year greetings. That predominantly unknown texts the author of article to work on from the viewpoint of its contents, lookout, writers, addressees, and cultural environment of that time. There in also an example of leaflet in Croatian from the end of XIX century. In spite of low literature quality of preserved leaflets, nowadays they represented worthy cultural and literary relicts from the past.
Key words
Rijeka; XIX century; Italian; Croatian; Latin; German; popular leaflet; popular literature
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