About the Grand Duke Palatine Joseph and Rijeka Ode Dedicated to Him

Irvin Lukežić, Šime Demo
irvin.lukezic@ri.t-com.hr; sdemo@hrstud.hr
This article deals with a previously unknown anonymous transcript of a Latin ode to the Austrian Grand Duke and Hungarian Palatine Joseph, kept in the National and University Library in Zagreb, published in Rijeka in 1801 in the edition of the regional printing shop that belonged to the widow Rosina Karletzky's family. Since this text was written on the occasion of the arrival of an important statesman and a member of the ruling Austrian dynasty, the Habsburgs, to Rijeka, the Grand Duke's historical role is analysed first. This is followed by an overview of the general historical circumstances in which the poem was written. In the following part the ode is reprinted in the Latin original and n Croatian translation, accompanied by an appropriate analysis. The article closes with a discussion of the consequences the Ode had at the time in which it was written.
Key words
Alcaic verse; Grand Duke Palatine Joseph; the Habsburgs; Rijeka
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