Concrete and Conceptual in Zvonimir Mrkonjić’s Poetry

Sanjin Sorel
The article analyses Zvonimir Mrkonjić’s concrete and conceptual texts. Because the author’s poetry has been more or less neglected, i.e. described as a passing literary experiment, it is necessary to examine how correct this statement is. Therefore, it seems justified to study the issue of the relation of his poetry with the other arts. But, it spreads according to the ideological system of his time - socialism, and in the context and strategies that the author takes in the opposition against the ideology. That’s why the question of the ethical position and poet’s role in those times is of utmost importance when it comes to the explanation of the author’s discourse. At this point the events and collisions occur between the modern and post-modern poetics where the question of the relationship against the tradition seems to be crucial. Key words: poetry, ideology, concretism, conceptualism, ethics
Key words
poetry; ideology; concretism; conceptualism; ethics
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