Accentual Types of the Adjectives in the Dialect of Trtni

Sanja Zubčić, Ivana Sanković
The subject of this research are the accentual types of the adjectives in the dialect of Trtni, which is a part of the ekavian čakavian dialect and shows notable similarities with other Kastav dialects. In that sense, it can be the representative of Kastav dialects. Field researched material is accentually classified and compared with three original accentual types. The divergences are shown in respect to the original system and to the neighbouring northwestern čakavian dialects. The directions of language development are hypothesized from those divergences. The dialect of Trtni is distinguished by a very archaic accentual characteristic: the multitude of adjectives with the preserved long falling accent on the grammatical ending of the definite form.
Key words
Croatian language; Čakavian dialect; Kastav dialects; adjectives; accentual types; long falling accent
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