Romanisms in the Names of Kitchn Items in the Speech of Dubašnica on the Island of Krk – Etymological and Lexicological Amalysis

Nina Spicijarić
The aim of this study is to show the presence of Romanisms in the semantic field of kitchen in the speech of Dubrašnica (island of Krk) and determine whether they derive from the older layer (Dalmato-Romance lexical heritage) or the recent layer of Italian speeches (Venetian speech, Dalmato-Venetian speech, Trieste speech or the Italian Standard Language). The material has been collected at fieldwork (by testing of native speakers). Etymological analysis was used to give a clearer picture of development of an individual lexeme known as the Romance loan. And finally, for the sake of comparison, versions of certain words were recorded in some other speeches on the island of Krk and in the Croatian Littoral. This work is trying to record the lexemes that have been disappearing because they have been gradually modified and pushed out by the Croatian Standard Language, by the speech of new settlers or by the new way of life.
Key words
Romanisms; kitchen items; the speech of Dubašnica; etymology; dialectology
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