Between Idiom (Variety of a Language), Language and Style (An Insight Into Language Situation on Slavic Territory, Particularly on Czech)

Irena Bogoczová
In the fi rst part of this article the author introduces criteria which decide about recognizing a language as being independent. It also emphasises the arbitrariness of such criteria and the fact that in majority of the cases they are governed by extralingual viewpoints that have nothing in common with a specifi c language, its tradition and quality of its description in linguistic literature. In the second part of the article our attention is devoted to language situation on the territory of Czech national language and defi nition of individual varieties of Czech. Relevant terminology plays an important role in the given text (article) and is used by the author in Croatian and Czech version.
Key words
literary language; standard language; (whole) national language; dialect; sociolinguistics; areal linguistics; ecolinguistics; ethnolinguistics; political linguistics
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