Dysphemistic Dents and Euphemistic Alignments of the Poetic Text of Tatjana Gromača

Tin Lemac; Zagreb, Hrvatska
This article is based on the research of the figurative fied of the poetic text of Tatjana Gromača. The anterior readings of this text were basically oriented on the critical and literary theorical researches and contextualization in the domain of the poetry of reality in the nintees of the twentieth century. The main semantic characteristic of that poetic language is its denotation and all descriptions added it in that domain. The part of the tropological analysis tries to improve that it can’t be read only in that semantic key and that is important to research the stratum of connotations in this text and revalorize some thesis related to poetics of this author. It is concluded that euphemisms and dysphemisms are the most important tropological components that build this text and there are brought up six tropological types of them. They are metaphorical, ironical and metaphorically – ironical euphemisms and hyperbolical, metaphorical and ironical dysphemisms. This tropological model is not build up to its end and it can be start of the tropological and stylistic modeling of the poetic discourse of Tatjana Gromača.
Key words
euphemism; dysphemism; connotation; poetry of reality; metaphore, irony; hyperbole
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