Metaphors in Psovka by Janko Polić Kamov – Contribution to Poetic Constitution of Croatian Avant-Garde Poetry

Tea Rogić Musa; Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleža, Zagreb, Hrvatska
The article describes metaphors in poetic collection Psovka by Janko Polić Kamov according to two interpretational contexts: author’s opposing to modernistic canon by delamination of semantic and versification’s emblems and contribution to articulation of formative characteristics of croatian poetic avant-garde. According to possible tipology of poetic metaphors on five levels – as word, sentence, text, function and construction – destruction of canon is recognized on first three levels until principles of avant-garde are formed on level of function as poetic orientation. Metaphor as function and construction includes Polić in style complex of avant-garde and indicates deviations from aesthetics of croatian moderna. The formal aspect suggests regular syntactic schemas so transparency of metaphorical patch is allowed by identification of proceedings author’s intention as signs his metapoetic abilities.
Key words
metaphor; word; sentence; text; function; construction; avant-garde
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