The Butori Dialect

Lina Pliško; Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile, Pula, Hrvatska - Melani Ivetić; Pula
In the literature on dialects, the dialect spoken at Butori has not been described yet, which is also the case with the majority of štakavian-čakavian dialects in the Tinjan region. The paper presents the results of the research into the Butori dialect in terms of differences at various linguistic levels. We compared the linguistic features of Butori with the neighbouring Tinjan dialects, already researched. We concluded that the results obtained at all the linguistic levels coincided with each other and presented a homogeneous group of Tinjan dialects. According to Brozović's classification of dialects, the one spoken at Butori belongs to the South-west Istrian or Štakavian-Čakavian dialect.
Key words
Butori; Istria; Municipality of Tinjan; South-west Istrian or Štakavian-Čakavian dialects; Čakavian dialect
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