The Application of Reception Theory to the Internet

Gordana Tkalec; Zagreb
The purpose of this paper is to establish the extent to which the theory of reception is applicable to the new form of presenting literature – literature on the Internet, with the emphasis on the Internet literature in the narrower sense, i.e. the one for which presentation on the Internet is primary. The approach to the topic starts with the short historical overview of the theory of reception based on its founders, as well as modern theoreticians. The second methodological approach is based on the application of the basic terms used in the theory of reception in the modern media of the Internet, since a lot of factors of the Internet reception, interests and value judgements, compared to the traditional ones, have been changed and demand revalorization. The paper also shows the change of literary reception under the influence of everyday occurrences and global changes as well as interculturalism of new contextualization. Despite stormy and extremely fast changes and the completely new media used for presenting literature, with its internal laws, the theory of reception is, with its additions and modifications, an unavoidable part of the approach to literature science, which is a relatively new and insufficiently researched media of the Internet.
Key words
Internet; theory of reception; interculturalism; intermediality; globalization; Internet literature; multireceptivity; interactive communication; Internet literary public
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