Andrić as a Model of the Writer 'In Between' the Paradigms

Boris Škvorc, Nebojša Lujanović; Filozofski fakultet, Split, Hrvatska
Ivo Andric is the author who placed his narrated worlds in a space ‘in between’, in relation to different models of identification. In the environment that is framed by very clear paradigms of national identification(s), many attempts were made to frame Ivo Andric in one particular national literary history, being it Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian. At the same time Andric, with his narrative tactics, positioned himself in between the cultures and becoming the other in text and in extra-textual tactics. In this way he opened the possibilities of constructing the hybrid identity, postcolonial questioning of the other, and he also questioned the structure of tradition and authority in regards to the narration of nation. By opening the questioning of the constructed constructs in his texts and positioning, Andric also opened the possibility of language games where others are put in a position to participate. The teoretical background of this work is in Homi Bhabha's book The Location of Culture and in comparing the situation of anglo-celtic 'other' within its own corpus to the positioning of post-colonial Bosnia and South Slavic environment.
Key words
deconstructional reading; The Other; social activity; space-in-between; not-belonging; postcolonial perspective; positioning in-between; narrative tactics
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