Lost in Transitions (Two Short Stories and Two Travelogues)

Daniel Mikulaco; Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile, Pula
The paper presents part of the results of several years researching of entire literary heritage (published and unpublished) of Croatian writer Vinko Kos (1914 -1945): describes, analyzes, interprets, compares and classifies four still unknown texts (two short stories and two travelogues) written in the period from 1941. to 1945. On the example of these texts and set historical and theoretical frameworks it`s being questioned the presence and/or absence of the aesthetic (artistic) qualities and closeness or distance from the prevailing models of the contemporary literary (artistic) practice. Since Vinko Kos is one of the over passed and to date still insufficiently studied and known author (partly as a poet and author for children), in this paper he is being presented to the Croatian literary history also as a prose writer.
Key words
Vinko Kos; modern Croatian literature (Croatian literature of the first half of the twentieth century, Croatian literature in the Second World War); modern literature; the models of literary practice; theory of prose; short stor;, travelogue; the function of literary work
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