Desire of the Other and Jouissance of the Other; a Psychoanalytic Aspect of the Novel Tito Dorčić Written by V. Novak

Dejan Durić; Filozofski fakultet, Rijeka
The aim of the paper is to show that one of the possible interpretations of the novel Tito Dorčić written by V. Novak could be the psychoanalytic. In this way, the place of the individual and his self, both within family and within the class and society, with regard to the questioning of desire (of The Other) could be examined. Novak’s novel illustrates the closeted patriarchy from the end of the nineteenth century and the various and often very complex class relations and antagonisms that had just crossed over the individual. However, the novel also testifies that the individual could not be considered only as the result of social factors, but one should take into account the inner psychic conflict and unconscious impulse of the individual.
Key words
desire of The Other; jouissance; familiy; class relations; envy; Tito Dorčić
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