Transmorphemization of Anglicisms–nominal Syntagms Reinterpreted

Ivo Fabijanić; Sveučilište u Zadru
The paper presents the analysis of anglicisms–nominal syntagms on the morphological level in Russian and Croatian economic terminology. Classification and qualification of their adaptation cancels the need for a double morphological analysis of the components, because the new approach allows for a more systematic analysis according to the degrees of transmorphemization and the type of primary or secondary adaptation. Zero transmorphemization represents the adaptation of syntagms transfered with or without any changes in the order of the components. The components are formed of two free morphemes with zero bound morphemes. Syntagms adapted by the compromise transmorphemization have the components with a zero free morpheme or an English bound morpheme, or with a bound morpheme from the receiving language. Those adapted by the complete transmorphemization have both components integrated by complete transmorphemization or have their order of components changed.
Key words
anglicisms; nominal syntagms; Russian; Croatian; economic terms; primary and secondary adaptation; degrees of transmorphemization; reinterpreted definitions of the degrees of adaptation
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