Germanisms in the Štokavian Ikavian Speeches of Gorski kotar

Mirjana Crnić; Zavod za povijesnei društvene znanosti HAZU Rijeka, Željka Macan; Filozofski fakultet Rijeka
The presence of a large number of German loan words in Croatian dialects is the result of centuries-long contact between the Croatian and German language. Although the Croatian language policy strongly resisted the influence of German language, especially in the 19th century, German loanwords have been still retained and still in active use on the supstandard level. The aim of this paper is to analyze the recorded lexemes from the German language in the local idioms of Mrkopalj, Sunger and Lič, and in the Štokavian Ikavian speeches of Gorski kotar. Germanisms collected in the field research are divided according to their belonging to certain semantic aspects of the temporal, spatial, functional and generational stratification. Special attention is given to their semantic adjustments in the language of the recipient based on specimen examples from the collected material. The paper connects two linguistic disciplines, contact linguistics and dialectology.
Key words
loanwords; Germanisms; semantic fields; semantic adaptation; dialectology; Štokavian Ikavian speeches of Gorski kotar
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