Autobiographical Texts of Julije Benešić and Josip Kosor (a comparison)

Marina Jemrić; Ilok
A comparative analysis of two autobiographical texts of two contemporaries, Julije Benešić and Josip Kosor, is based on three aspects: analysis of basic tenets of autobiographical text, use of self-references, and the presence of literary panoramas in them. Analysis reveals that both autobiographical texts are autobiographies in the narrow sense of the term, but the thoughts contained in them take the form of associations in Benešić’s, and the form of chronological-travelogue elements in Kosor’s text. In both authors’ texts the auto-text encompasses both biographic and poetic elements. However, the tenets of literary panoramas in Benešić’s text are mostly expressed through topographic and natural elements with only occasional travelogue elements, while Kosor’s autobiographical text contains prominent topographic-travelogue panoramas.
Key words
Julije Benešić; Josip Kosor; autobiographic subject; self-references; literary panoramas
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