Šimun Klimantović (…) Neither a Writer nor a Writer Beneath One

Ines Srdoč-Konestra, Saša Lajšić
ines.konestra@ri.t-com.hr, slajsic@ffri.hr
Šimun Klimantović (?1464-1544?), a Tertiary Franciscan, has made a valuable contribution to the literary-cultural domain of life on the area stretching from Lukoran near Zadar, Zaglava near St. Mihovil on the island of Dugi otok, over the island of Galevac near Preko, to Glavotok on the island of Krk an Komrčar on the island of Rab, with his five manuscripts. Although previous research has tried to emphasise the importance of his ‘mission’, a systematic research into his work has never been conducted. The paper emphasises his contribution as a note-taker and editor to the Klimantovićev zbornik I, and suggests a genealogical description. Special attention is given to fraške as a tentative auctor’s trace that he left in his manuscripts. Klimantović is perceived as a ‘writer’ in this paper with the purpose of confirming the hypothesis on the so-called Glagolitic Humanism.
Key words
Croatian medieval literature; Šimun Klimantović; Franciscan; medieval proceedings; Klimantovićev zbornik I; Glagolitism
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