Some problems in translating chakavian poetry into the Russian language (on the example of the Chakavian poet Zlatan Jakšić)

Rafaela Božić-Šejić
In this paper we analyze some problems that are encountered in translating Chakavian poetry into the Russian language. We discuss these problems on the basis of the example of Chakavian poetry of Zlatan Jakšić. The essential question in deciding whether it is necessary to translate Croatian dialectal poetry into another dialect or into standard language we have resolved in the way that we conclude that it should be translated into standard language, because Chakavian dialect is very different from Russian dialects in its relations to standard language. There are also many other problems, especially on the cultural level, and although these are both Slavic languages the cultural background is very different, and should be taken into consideration.
Key words
translating poetry; Chakavian; Chakavian poetry; Zlatan Jaksic
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